Contributing to the terraAI project

The TAI project is open-source and non-profit. The scale of its design is very large (see the Manifesto to get some idea), and as such will require many people and quite some effort to become mature. In other words, we need help!

TAI needs help in the following areas (those marked as not ready indicate that we are not yet at a stage for accepting help just yet):

  1. AI professionals: You can help help us in the following areas:
    1. Give us your constructive comments either as replies to our postings here, regarding the approach, high-level design, etc.
    2. (not ready) Contribute machine learning or inference code modules.
    3. (not ready) Contribute your existing knowledge bases.
  2. Core Programmers: help with building the core of the TAI system. Looking for seasoned programmers in Javascript/HTML5, Node.js, Ruby, or Python.
  3. UI designers: we want to support easy-to-use user interface, with advanced visualization (where applicable).
  4. Application developers: (not ready) help with building smart tools, using the KBs and facilities offered by TAI.
  5. Domain experts: (not ready) these are a kind of TAI end users who may not be an AI practitioner or programmer, but who is in fact very good at in a certain domain. Such an expert serves the role of a KB trainer, who helps to refine TAI's knowledge base, not unlike that experts who author Wikipedia articles. For example, for the Holodeck application (see the post How to Build an Holodeck), a domain expert familiar with steam engines might help with training the system to generate all kinds of steam engines as requested by the user.
  6. End users: (not ready) TAI offers a set of free, practical and easy-to-use tools for the general public. As you use these tools you will be helping us train the system as well.

If you find this project of interested to you and wish to contribute, please send email to

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