Code libraries

In order to implement the terraAI system we are going to need many good quality open-source code libraries.

If you have experience with any of the following, by all means please share your insights with us in the comments section below!

This is a live document, meaning it will be updated and republished from time to time as needed.

General requirements
  1. Open-source
  2. For user interface:
    1. jQuery-based, if possible
    2. Responsive, so that it will work well on all devices (in particular the mobile devices)
    3. Reasonably efficient. For example, we may reject it if its animation is jerky on low-end mobile devices.
    4. Good visual design. In other words, it should look good and is easy to use.
    5. Work well across all supported devices. Following is the proposed supported devices:
    6. All versions of Android
    7. All versions of Chrome OS
    8. iOS (which versions?)
    9. Windows XP and up
    10. What else?
  3. For machine learning
    1. Python-based on the server side.
    2. Javascript-based for certain machine learning performed on the client-side. This helps to alleviate workload on the TAI server.
  4. Application server
Candidate components
  1. Web framework. Candidates:
    1. Ruby on rails
    2. NodeJS: is NodeJS ready to be used as a web framework? Perhaps not yet but worth watching (article Should I Use Ruby on Rails or Node.js For My Next Project/Startup)?
    3. What else?
  2. Database. Candidates:
    1. MySQL
    2. MongoDB
  3. Javascript framework. Candidates:
    1. Angular vs React
    2. NodeJS: for push notification, server side execution of Javscript code, etc.
  4. Machine learning. These are useful as the code base for supporting the learning capability. See here for further information.
  5. User interface. Candidates:
    1. TouchSwipe, for seamless support of simple touch gestures such as swipe, tap, hold, etc., across all devices.
    2. Visualization libraries. Candidates:
      1. D3.js: does it work well on mobile devices?
    3. ....
  6. ...
Open questions
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