Image Operations with cGAN

In this report we explore the possibility of using cGAN (Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks) for performing automatic graphic operations on the photographs or videos of human faces, similar to those typically done manually using a software tool such as Photoshop or After Effects, by learning from examples. Motivation A good part of my research in Machine Learning has to »

Image interpolation, extrapolation, and generation

Introduction Our ultimate goal is to generate 3D models out of textual or verbal commands. Here we tackle (for now) the simpler problem of generate 2D images, before moving on the more complex problem of dealing with 3D models. There have been some recent research that are relevant to the generation of 2D images that can also handle lighting, »

How to build a Holodeck - part 1

You may have seen the Holodeck device that appeared in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, where a user goes into the Holodeck, issues verbal instructions, and entirely realistic 3D objects or environment would appear instantly. This post explores the relevant AI technology needed in order to support such a vision. Here we use the Holodeck as »