Holodeck - Knowledge Representation - part 2

This is part 2 of the Holodeck series, focusing on issues related to knowledge representation (KR). This is a followup on the first post Crowd-driven Holodeck, where a skeletal design was presented for a HAI Holodeck. A quick recap To put this post in context (more can be found in the first post: This series discusses a HAI Holodeck, »

The terraAI Manifesto

Keywords: artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, loosely-coupled large-scale distributed machine learning, knowledge-based, crowd social, knowledge agent discourse, intelligent personal assistant, Holodeck. This is my first post regarding the terraAI thread. Motivations As Artificial Intelligence technologies matures and its practical use become prevalent (and sometimes invasive) in our lives, its dark sides also begin to emerge. One of such »