Ghost blog enhancements

This post is about the various enhancements that I have added to the Ghost system for this blog. This is a follow-up on the other post regarding how to convert a Ghost blog into a static website. This blog in itself is mainly for the purpose a certain AI project that I am working on. All of the enhancements »

Blogging with Ghost

I share with you below my experience with the blogging system Ghost (version 0.8.0 as of this writing) used for this blog, and the problems that I ran into. This is not an exhaustive survey, but hopefully my experience will be useful to someone out there. This blog in itself is a working document for the terraAI »

ML Resources

This post is for cataloging those online resources that are useful to my work for the terraAI project, in particular those related to Machine Learning. Hopefully these will also be useful to other Machine Learning researchers. Typesetting math formulas It would seem that the best way to typeset formulas, which is useful when discussing topics related to Machine Learning, »

Code libraries

In order to implement the terraAI system we are going to need many good quality open-source code libraries. If you have experience with any of the following, by all means please share your insights with us in the comments section below! This is a live document, meaning it will be updated and republished from time to time as needed. »