Crowd-driven socialization

When a large crowd come together due to a certain common interest, we call it Crowd-driven Socialization, or Crowd socialization. I have been working on this for many years, initially on an online platform called the sMesh Central (or SC), which is for a casual type of online crowd socialization (e.g., ball games, presidential election, major media event, »

Crowd-driven socialization in TAI

TAI (short for terraAI) is not just a technical AI platform, but it is also a kind of social platform. The vision here is that we want to let TAI users of all levels help with building up this immense system, and also make it easy for users to help each other. As such, TAI is not a traditional »

On-site Client-centric Socialization

What is On-site Client-centric Socialization (OCS)? It is a term that I made up in order to describe an interesting concept, since I could not find the applicable terminology for it. The idea turns the tradition Internet up-side-down, by moving part of the control from a server-centric model to a client-centric model. The end result of this are that: »